Genesis Operations, Construction and Asset Management

GOCAM is the Genesis Group‘s construction operations and asset management company.
The Genesis team have experience in managing the construction and operations of over 1GW of projects. These skills are brought to Genesis by a highly skilled group of people who have been doing this internationally for over a decade.

GOCAM provides the EPCM skills in order to ensure projects are constructed on time and on budget with a view to ensure the projects reach Commercial Operations as scheduled. Critical to the success of projects in the evolving energy market is the ability to meet generation/output targets with the least amount of down time. Plant availability and maximizing energy production is a key focus.

The wealth of experience in operations management allows the group to bring cutting edge developments and innovations to our asset management offering. Helping clients maximise production from their plant is the focus of our skill and expertise.

Over the years of project development Genesis has develop an approach to project development which values the contribution and involvement of local stakeholders. This enables Genesis to be well positioned to manage these dynamics over the life of the project – from early-stage development through to ongoing operations. Ensuring a project ‘’license to operate’’ goes beyond the technical aspects of the project to incorporate the dynamic interaction of the project with its stakeholders. This includes community liaison, economic development, procurement management as well as the general site management.

Genesis Operations Construction and Asset Management
Genesis Renewable Energy Operations and Construction of Wind Turbine power farms
Floating Solar facilities with power storage
Solar facilities with power storage
Genesis Renewable Energy Operations and Construction of Bioenergy, Solar and power storage
Genesis Renewable Energy Operations and Construction of Hydro energy generation
Genesis Renewable Energy Operations and Construction of Bioenergy, Solar and power storage
Renewable Energy
Wind Turbine power farms
Wind Turbine power farms


Genesis Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Group (GIREG) grew out of the need to direct investment into Genesis’ various renewable energy endeavours, and coordinate development and investment activities across the various platforms. 



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